Meet Fr. Charles


Fr. Charles Klamut was raised north of Chicago in the town of Waukegan.  His parents and youngest brother still live in the area while is oldest brother lives in Wisconsin.

Growing up Fr. Charles was heavily involved with sports, especially baseball.  He still enjoys going to major and minor league games.  Somebody needs to take him to a Bandits game!

At a young age he also began playing the guitar and listening to music.  Music is an important part of his life and if you’re a fan of Johnny Cash, Dylan, or U2, be sure to talk to him.

Fr. Charles is a very good teacher.  He was able to develop his gifts while spending many years as a high school teacher and chaplain.  If he offers a class at the parish, be sure to go.  He is also very passionate about using the best practices for serving a parish.  When discipleship training is offered for the parish, prayerfully consider applying.

Even though Fr. Charles is a city boy he is pretty adventurous.  Somebody needs to take him mushroom hunting and give him tours of the animal bins and tractors.  And if you have a boat, maybe a cruise down the river might be nice.

Fr. Charles is one of my best friends and I’m very happy to know he will be serving St. Patrick’s. The parish is really going to be blessed.