Mass Schedules

Saturday Vigil
5:00 pm St. Ambrose
8:00 am St. Ambrose
9:30 am St. Patrick
11:00 am St. Ambrose
Daily Masses
Tuesday: 5:30 pm St. Ambrose
Wednesday: 7 am St. Ambrose
Thursday: 5:30 pm St. Patrick
Friday: 8:30 am St. Patrick
Holy Days
7:00 am St. Ambrose
6:00 pm St. Patrick
Holy Hour - Adoration of the
Blessed Sacrament
Tuesday: 5:00—5:30 pm St. Ambrose
Friday 8:00 -8:30 am St. Patrick
Saturdays 4:00-4:45 pm St. Ambrose
Thursday 4:45-5:15 pm St Patrick
Or anytime by appointment
By appointment—Please call the Parish Office


MON. 08/05 - Monday Weekday NO MASS

TUE.08/06 - Tuesday Transfiguration of the Lord

5:30 pm St. Ambrose +Fr. Bresnahan

WED. 08/07 - Wednesday Weekday

7:00 am St. Ambrose +Janice Donnelly

THU. 08/08 - Thursday St Dominic, Priest

5:30 pm St. Pat’s +Jerry Bopes

FRI. 08/09 - Friday Weekday

8:30 am St. Pat’s+Donna Benson

SAT. 08/10 - Vigil - Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

5:00 pm St. Ambrose +Don Roberts

SUN. 08/11 - Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:00 AM St. Ambrose +Family of James Garcia

9:30 AM St. Pat’s +Shirley Bush

11:00 AM St. Ambrose People of Our Parishes

Liturgical Roles
Aug. 10-11

Eucharistic Ministers

5:00 pm (St. Ambrose) C Collins, C Drish, J Jackson

8:00 am (St. Ambrose)D DePorter, T Flynn, S Griffiths

9:30 am (St. Pat’s) J Bahen, J DeMarlie, M Dziadyk

11:00 am(St. Ambrose) L Justice

Mass Servers

5:00 pm (St. Ambrose) M Coleman, A Jackson, M Jackson

8:00 am (St. Ambrose)C Randazzo, E short

9:30 am (St. Pat’s) T DeClerck


5:00 pm (St. Ambrose) K Maranda

8:00 am (St. Ambrose)E Randazzo

9:30 am (St. Pat’s) P Downey

11:00 am(St. Ambrose)J Justice

Our St Patrick Parish Calendar…

Aug. 8th Volunteer Training 6pm
Aug. 15th Holy Day of Obligation 6 pm
Aug. 18 Kerres-Vandevoorde Reunion 12-4 pm
Sept. 4th Prayer Shawl Meeting 2-4 pm
Sept. 10th SPLASH Meeting at Church 6 pm


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