Weekly Announcements

Please Note.....

Fr Anthony Co will no longer be checking the email address franthonyandalusia@gmail.com  Please start using rockislandfather@gmail.com if you would like to contact him.

Welcome Fr. Charles Klamut

Fr. Charles has been out to visit us a few times in the recent past but soon we will be welcoming him as our newest pastor. Click here to find out some additional things that you might not have already known about him.

Meet Fr. John Bosco

We will take the opportunity to get to know our new pastoral associate Fr. John Bosco Mujuni.  Fr. John’s home country is Uganda which is located in East Africa. Read More

Fr. Anthony's Tips for College

1) The week you arrive at school go to your Newman Center (or the campus parish) to see if they have any freshmen activities.  Hopefully you can meet students from your dorm that can walk to Mass with you on Sunday.  Read More

Parish Library

Just a reminder, when a book is borrowed from the library, PLEASE return it when finished.  This is separate fro the Lighthouse kiosk; hanging shelve near the entrance of the nave.