The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ – Fr Charles Notes

My Dear Friends,

Our first-ever Eucharistic procession was a success! The rain held out and we honored our Lord by walking with him through the streets of our neighborhood. We couldn’t have done it without the great turnout from the parish. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and took the chance in faith doing something new!

Special thanks go to Jackie and Kack and Karen and Katie and the choir for organizing the beautiful music. I was particularly moved when they sang ‘In the Breaking of the Bread’ during Mass…poignant and powerful, it brought a tear to my eye.

Thanks go to Ron LaSalle, Charlie McGuire, Cindi Starcevich, and Christine Coleman for carrying the canopy. Thanks go to the maker of the canopy, who wishes to remain anonymous (you know who you are!)

Thanks go to Karen Wilson, who stood ahead and guided everyone to take the appointed route. And thanks go to Carrie, Jane, Dawn, Bev, and the others who watchfully made the procession while looking out with concern for the others.

Thanks go to Bob and Andy Strupp for setting up the outdoor altar, as well as Debbie Layer and Christie Johnston for the beautiful flower arrangements.

Thanks go to Dennis VanDaele and Dan DePorter and the Knights of Columbus who made and served the wonderful breakfast and, in their customary fashion, ate last and only after everyone was served and satisfied.

Thanks go to John Laughlin, Ken Maranda and all the fourth degree Knights who came from other parishes to help lend solemnity to the Mass by their presence and their leading of the procession.

Thanks go to Charlie Randazzo and Emily Short for serving mass and helping with incense during the procession.

Thanks go to the 100+ parish members who bore witness to our blessed Eucharistic Lord by walking and singing in the pro-cession.

My parents came to the mass and procession and breakfast. Afterward, they said, ‘Boy, are you lucky to have such a wonderful parish.’ I couldn’t agree more! Many blessings to you as we anticipate together the many blessings to come!

-Fr Charles